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Post-Thanksgiving, COVID-19 Trends Diverge

December 17, 2020  ||  kinsa data team

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  • In New York City, flu-like illness has stayed low among 2-9-year-olds since elementary schools reopened on December 7. We also have not seen an uptick in the typical age bracket for parents.

  • Parts of Florida and Texas will likely see increased cases in the coming days. Of the most populous counties in the country, Orange and Broward counties, Florida and Harris County, Texas are expected to see some of the largest increases in cases.

  • Cases in California are behaving strangely. Despite new policy efforts at the start of the month,  Southern California is still seeing elevated levels of transmission and flu-like illnesses. Northern California appears to be stabilizing.

  • Northern Midwest states continue to see cases decline as transmission rates stay low through much of the middle of the country.

  • King County, Washington and other areas surrounding Seattle seem to be on the cusp of decreasing cases. Flu-like illnesses and transmission rates in the area have been dropping since late November and we expect that to translate to fewer cases.

Counties most at-risk for covid increases

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